Take a step to better foot health

Private patients do not require a referral from their GP and are free to contact us directly for an appointment.

Initial Consultations include taking a full medical history.

A detailed assessment of your problem is undertaken including a history of your complaint, physical assessment of the condition, assessment of your footwear if required, and a short gait analysis if required.

Treatment of nails and skin conditions can usually be treated on the day.

For foot pain, strapping or Xrays may require a subsequent assessment before implementing a treatment plan.

Treatment for conditions such as ingrown toenails, corns and callouses, can be treated on the first visit.

At Southport Podiatry Clinic we use the HICAPS Health Fund rebate claiming system which allows you to automatically claim from your private health insurance, so you only have to pay the gap.
Some clients who suffer chronic diseases such as diabetes may be eligible to claim some of their visits through Medicare. This would require a referral from your GP for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC). Please discuss with your GP.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients who hold a gold card, including widows, are entitled to Podiatry services free of charge.

Walter is also a registered footwear provider with DVA and is able to assess whether you qualify for DVA footwear.

Patients will require a D904 referral form from their GP for the initial consultation.

To make an appointment for any of the above conditions, please call us… or send an enquiry e-mail